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Korg Triton Vaporous Soundset

Korg Triton Vaporous Soundset
Korg Triton Vaporous Soundset
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Gokosoul is here again with another blazing soundset and this time itís for the Korg Triton Series (Extreme/Studio/Pro/Kbd/Rack) synthesizers. 128 stunning Chillout/Trance presets for Korg Triton. Gokosoul is here again with Korg Triton Vaporous soundset! This package contains 128 presets and it will load up to the Bank INT-A. You can use this bank with any kind of electronic dance music productions.

Gokosoul says: “First of all this is your ultimate pad/string machine that you would never need any other VSTi or something like that. Also in this bank it has basses, natural instruments, Hollywood strings, Drums, interesting SFXís and Vocoder patches.”

Have a listen on the great demo and be amazed! This is a must have for everyone who owns the Triton!

How to load presets?

1 – Just copy the PCG file in to your floppy

2 – Press DISK menu on Triton

3 – Press utility on PCG File

4 – In menu press “Load Selected” and on new menu just press “ok”

5 – After writing internal memory, It will ask you to load second part. Just press “skip”

6 – It will ask “Are You Sure?” Just press “ok”

7- Now press “PROG” menu and choose a preset from “Bank INT-A”

Vaporous Soundset Vocoder Notes (Extreme/Studio/Pro/Kbd/Rack)

1. Plug your microphone to “Input1” on your Triton

2. Go to “Global” menu

3. Edit “Input1” to “Level 127” and “Pan R127”

4. Choose “BUS (IFX/Indiv.) IFX2”

5. Go to the “Program A” and choose patches from “080 to 093”

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